DCS F-15C From Training to Tumbleweed

You’ll need some time and popcorn to watch this one.

Best watched full screen and in 1080 HD.

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Nice 3-ship take off - cool.

Which voice detection app do you use? It seems to work nicely.

Thanks. The take-off did go well for both elements. We do some really nice tactical turns as well later on in the video. I use TeamSpeak 3 and have a button on my HOTAS set for “talk.” I capture video and audio with Fraps.

Red - I find myself in the same boat. I got help from Ralfidude, and he was really nice, but wanted to move on and get back to his simming, which I understand…, but now I’m fighting time and the godawful ‘Ghosting’ from the HOTAS on the X-55. If ANYONE out there in Mudspike land is willing to offer me flight lessons, 1 or 2 hours per week, it’s something I’ll pay for. Furthermore, if there’s someone in North Texas who’s willing to meet me and do over-the-shoulder lessons, again, it’s something I’ll pay for. Thanks.