Dcs graphics card question

My graphics card(GTX 570) is under min spec for 2.0 but was good for 1.2. I can run 2.0 and get good frames in the black sea region. Vegas goes single digits. But I was running with most everything on high to medium.

Black sea things run fine for about 30 mins then my card gets to hot and quits I think. This is the only game havethe issue with.

My question is what settings can I adjust to make the game still playable but put less stress on my graphics card.

Also is there a way to download 1.2 and play that until I get a better computer built hopefully this fall?

Not sure if I’m te right guy to answer (having a 780Ti OC) but…

I’d take a systemic approach.
For example, create a mission that will take over several kinds of terrain and fly it out.
Try to start from a Black sea airstrip, fly over some big towns, rivers… try to keep it short though.

Save the recording and go bck to the options screen.

Then you strip down all the special effects and post processing.
Watch the recording of the mission you just flew and consider how it looks / how it performs.

Then try to adjust whatever you feel is lacking.
I’d leave out Depth of View, Heat blur and excessive Anti-Aliasing.
Play a bit the radiuses of Tree and grass but keep them low-ish.

Again, do little adjustments and watch the track again.

If you flew around the right places you’ll be able to evaluate performance all around.

You will eventually find your sweet spot. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps, even if it wasn’t exaclty what you asked.



I have the same grapgics card and an ancient i7 920 CPU.

DCS 2.0 runs ok with settings pretty low: AA and AF off, flat shadows, no post processing. Standing at Nellis and looking to Vegas I get 30ish FPS. Wenn buzzing down the strip this drops to 15, but most of the map I’m back to playable 40 - 90.

It depends on how much you like to suffer. I guess I will update soon. Probably just putting in a 1070 would not help since the CPU is pretty outdated, right? :wink:

The heat issue sounds alarming though. Maybe better check the vents on the card are turning and clean. Carefully remove dust from the fans. Check your airflow in the case.

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Nevada prompted me to purchase a new video card. I was able to play all my games at high settings on my 560gtx 2gb. Not Nevada though. Just a stutter fest (which ironically is how I remembered my last real life visit to Vegas). I picked up a 960gtx 4gb model from New Egg for $209 and I have been very happy with it. I debated the price jump to a 970gtx but I factored in that I am only running 1920x1080 on a 32" monitor. So not a lot of pixels to push and since I was on a budget the 960 was the right call.

My advice is to get a 4gb card as the most important factor. Flightsim maps are all about the textures and your card needs the room to put them somewhere. New Egg and Nvidia make it easy - just filter for 4gb Nvidia cards and then go with 60/70/80 series card based on your budget and how many pixels you have to light up.

Hope that helps

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I’m running an I7 920 at 4GHz with a GTX 680 and 12GB RAM. I get about 25-40fps over the strip depending on the module and my speed, running a mix of medium-very high settings. I will update soon™ as well though.

This is what I’m looking at right now:
i7 6700k +aftermarket heatsink
gigabyte z170 mobo
32GB DDR4 Gskill ripjaws
GTX 1070
650W gold cert. modular PSU
Antec P280 (I like it simple and black)
Win 10 professional (already have that one laying around here.)

I’ll add HDDs from my current PC and keep using my old peripherals with it.


I have since cleaned all the vents and fans and did a fresh wipe of my computer so it might be worth trying dcs again.

There are some light-weight software utilities available for free that might help you pinpoint your problem.

I use NZXT’s CAM software, which gives you a very informative overlay with more than just FPS.

You could run it with the staged trials that komemiute suggested, and see whether video RAM, system RAM or CPU are affecting your framerates.

Does the fan on your card start to spin-up as the game time begins to accumulate? My own system is built with an eye to quiet performance, so it tends to hold the video card cooling fan in a low-rpm mode too long. I run EVGA’s PrecisionX 16 before I load the game, with fan speed set on auto. Now the GPU fan speed ramps up more quickly.

That alone dropped my GPU temps by 20 degrees Celsius.

No need to guess about this; there are lots of ways to get real-time data to know what’s going on.

But yes, you may be getting behind the hardware curve here, since DCSW’s EDGE is now more GPU than CPU burdened.

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