DCS Hawk and C-101 news

Busy last couple of days for the guys at VEAO and AvioDev…some shakeups in both teams and a good bit of news on where they are and where they think they are headed. I know not everyone is a fan of trainers, but I’ve been waiting for the advanced flight models for the Hawk and C-101 with great excitement.


AvioDev Update HERE

Best of luck to both teams as they forge ahead. Hopefully these problems are learning opportunities that will make subsequent products a bit less painful to develop…


Same here.

The crucible of implementation tends to teach a few lessons. I want to see them both pull through this.

Been watching this myself for a while. Always wanted a good trainer to fly. Been waiting for both these trainers to get EFM or PFMs, then I’ll purchase.

I passed on both of these, as I’ve been a bit doubtful of both teams since they first announced they were bringing projects to DCS World. I seriously hope they get the issues ironed out and can make these work- I’d LOVE a Hawk in-game before the Hornet comes out, to role-play the training pipeline of Navy carrier pilots a little bit.

I bought both of them, for the following reasons:

  • I buy all modules (ok, that’s a bad reason actually. It is called addiction)
  • I buy every first module from a new 3rd party, as long as I can afford it. (That’s what I pretend at least. See reason one…)
  • The C-101 is used for training F/A-18C pilots in real life (in Spain) which is a nice way of preparing for ED’s F/A-18C
  • The Hawk looks cool. At least from the outside. Beautiful plane.

Although I dislike the SFMs (not especially because they are SFMs but because that causes other things to not work, such as toe brakes) I have to admit they are both fun to fly already. Not as fun as they could be, but ok.
I prefer the C-101 at the moment. It “feels” more detailed, with nice little stuff like the GPU visible, the chocks, and the pilot taking off his helmet on the ground. I wonder why nobody else did that, it adds so much to the immersion.
The cockpit looks nicer (and I don’t mean the textures but how everything is colored and placed).
Ok, the Hawk has weapons already, and the C-101EB hasn’t, but… meh. I just can’t get used to it. Dunno why. I am really excited for the C-101CC.
The sound is also better in the C-101 at the moment, at least in my opinion.

The lack of radio functionality sucks big time though. In both planes.

I am a bit disappointed both aren’t finished yet. I don’t like it but I guess things happen that way. (Anyone noticed the Johnny Cash I snuck in there? :smiley: ) Both will be great once they are finished, I am sure. And I will use both for what they do best in real life: Training without the added complexity of the combat planes. Actually I already do. Night ILS landings with crosswind and fog and all that stuff. Especially the C-101’s instruments are so nicely readable, it is a joy to fly.

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Agree with pretty much everything you posted @Aginor - I can’t wait for the advanced flight model for both because I know I can wrangle Einstein into flying some formation flights with me in them once they have a proper fidelity FM. :smiley:

And then there will be the bombing and strafe competitions in NTTR…etc…