DCS & Hollo Pointe Fly-Ins June & July 2020

I can be pinged on the MS or HP discord servers if there are issues with HPN.

Earliest I will be on to fly is 2020-06-19T22:30:00Z2020-06-19T23:30:00Z roughly.


I’ll be on when the kids are bedded down, about four hours from now.


I’m about 3 hours from home. Be on about 8pm gmt

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Erl Sis (Caucasus) is running on Hollo Pointe. It was originally a Blue COOP ground attack mission and has evolved to include air to air with a few Red a/c slots as well. Read the briefing. The Radio F10 Menu provides for some options.


Just curious…how does on do chat inside VR?…not a touch typist.


Use a microphone :joy:

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I would but…

Guess just peek under the hmd :wink:

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Know where a few keys are and get a macro program to key in some important phrases like “Viggen coming in for crash landing!” :rofl:


Will be joining you

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My Samsung has a built in mike. I discovered that as you invited me to your arena. @schurem

I will be about after a quick bath and evening meal, looking forward to it. I have been tweaking vr optimisation all day :slight_smile:

Use Tab to turn in-game text chat on and off, and Shift-Tab to type a response. But be sure to Shift-Tab again or else you will be locked into the response mode.

and for discord, for both text chat and voice comms -

PC needs a bunch of updates. I also installed the shader mod, because I had horrible framerates. And then it crashed.

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@Victork2 bringing in his beaten bird


I had fun, despite the right 'orrible framerate my box was struggling to produce. So much fun, I never even got near the screenshot button.

First I flew a couple sorties in a viper. Dropped sticks of retards on the railyard, then went tiger and looking for trouble out west. Busted up a couple D model flankers (right?) with long AMRAAM shots. The first pair I took the near bandit, and someone in an F-14 phoenixed the far one. nice!

Me second time against a pair of -33s in a viper didn’t go nearly as well. First I watched @sobek get creamed by an AA-10 but I speared his assailant in revenge. The second -33 fired an AA-10 at me. I thought by turning cold and making gentle zigs and zags while running full bore, I’d be safe. I was wrong. splat went the most useless CAP ever.

I switched to the hog as that seemed a perfect choice for thinning out the huge numbers of targets at Erl Sis. Had the ground crew offload the cluster bombs. No way was I going to take the time to get those to operational altitude. Just a six pack of mavericks and the gun please. Of course, being as myopic as a VR user can be, I got blasted by all kinds of tracers from the ground targets. Especially on my second run, they made short work of me.

And that was it for me. I’ll see you guys tomorrow :slight_smile: Had a whale of a time :smiley:


myself and mr @Scoop preparing to blast off

just because its awesome and i frickin love tankers

@schurem GUNS GUNS GUNS!!!

@tempusmurphy looking badass

@WreckingCrew going supersonic!

@Franze on final (wheels were all intact…:))
@Scoop bringin her home!
Sittingduck23…i cannot for the life of me think of your mudspike name lol , apologies!!


Scores as i departed… a couple of billion rubles in damage!! a great result!

great fun tonight guys, awesome to see you all together and have a chat and a flight. hopefully more of the same tommorow! thanks for the invite hollopointers!


Myself and @AndyE fly in to the AO at night to cause some trouble!


Sadly I’m being held hostage by my family for the weekend at the beach. Will live vicariously off of your AARs and screenshots gents. Good hunting.