DCS Huey love

I’ve been using Wavehopper’s under construction Medevac Campaign as a “low” intensity way to get stick time and learn navigation in the UH-1H.

Beating a hole in the sky enroute from field hospital to FARP. Don’t start this campaign if you don’t like rain. It’s always raining.

Waiting for a mission, which wasn’t served up like room service. It came by radio. Not wanting to spoil this one, I won’t tell you that you are sent to a bad place and will be shot at. WH has got some cool forward positions built, one a firebase on the side of a hill. Make sure to land behind the tubes.

When you fly medevac, you learn to enjoy your downtime. It’s what you do. You know, 95% pure boredom followed by 5% of sheer terror. Enjoying a moon pie and RC Cola while we wait for tasking. I know that I should have included some screenshots of a hot LZ. Somehow, I always forget to snap one when folks are trying so hard to add holes to aircraft and crew.

And because life can be like a box of rockets, I created a little training mission called Batumi truck shoot. Those guys hopefully are not chained to their steering wheels.