DCS - interim upgrade to play again?

Hi all. After buying the Gazelle, I have found that my i5-2500k and GTX560 just aren’t enough anymore in 1.5. Getting terrible framerates (19fps) and bad stutters withe the latest DCS World version. I am planning to OC the 2500k and drop in a GTX1070 and an SSD to let me play again at reasonable settings, and maybe try out VR.

I’m looking for any experiences others have had with the same or similar upgrade path - comments welcome!

I don’t see any negatives there. The new GPU should make a big impact in fps and the SSD will help with load times. And your upgrades can always be moved to a new mobo/cpu combo as funds allow.

I have pretty similar to that and it’s good. What sort of resolution and map do you tend to play DCS on, as I could do a quick benchmark to give you a good idea of what you’ll get?

Thanks chaps - I’ll be playing on 1920x1080 and wanting to get a steady 60fps. I like to use VSync and textures on high. I usually play helos or ground-attack, so view distance doesn’t need to be massive. Last year DCS seemed to run well enough for me, but after the latest updates, I realise my ring has been left behind.

The bottleneck is likely to be the processor, I made an upgrade via ripping off my son’s machine and went from i7 920 to an i5 4790 locked. the cpu will throttle is overtaxed but the GPU will help get those frame rates up where you want them :smiley:

As way of reference, I used DCS 1.5 Open Beta (don’t have the non beta installed) latest as of today. Instant action mission Gazelle, Static Trucks. Graphics settings ‘High’ with VSync on. i5 4690K @ 4.5Ghz, Nv1070 8GB SSD and Win10.

A pretty solid 60 FPS on the pad, as Vsync and this monitor (center one of three, 1980x1080):

Outside view is about 60 as well, but heat blur etc will vary it:

Like @Cib said, the SSD and GPU will help a lot (and allow playable VR) but the next thing after that would be the 2500K if you aren’t overclocking it.

Plus settings, as although I left defaults, you could probably change a few like Depth of Field and Terrain Shadows for big FPS gains etc so you don’t even get close to going under 60. I just hit the preset ‘High’ to keep things simple for direct comparison with what you have today.

PS Happy forum anniversary @smithcorp - that cake looks good :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Great info. Upgrade will be interim and im hoping to try VR with it. Later in the year i will upgrade the mobo and cpu. That i5-2500k was a solid investment in 2011!


hi there smith ! i got to say that i understand the suffer :wink: … but i got a pretty same CPU as u have the i5 2500 which isnt bad but there is a small issue when u wanna get the 1080-1070 gpu’s.

So the GPU i had before was a 770 GTX and i upgraded to 1080 GTX with the same cpu as i had before the problem is that u want to max out your gpu in short get what u payed for, well with the 2500K u wont be able to do that as its 32nm which means your motherboard wont be able to run the GPU on PCI Express 3.0 only 2.0 which will make you loose 10-20 % performance of the graphics card.

BUT and its a bit BUT !

You will have a great performance anyway with the current set of i5 2500 and a 1080 or 1070 gtx, but i suggest you to do the same as im gonna do which in the next 2-3 months upgrade the cpu ,mobo and to DDR4 at least 16 GB.

and thats it bud u will enjoy ! :slight_smile:

Performance on DCS diffrent versions:

DCS 1.5 (4K Res) = 45 FPS average
DCS 2.0 (4K Res) = 150 FPS average = Low flight over Vegas (60-80 FPS)

Thanks @esonub - that’s my plan too - new mobo and cpu later in the year. Thanks for the frame-rate info too.

you welcome glad i helped and cleared it out for you :slight_smile: