DCS IR Maverick Q

Am I remembering incorrectly, or did vehicles show up in the AGM-65D camera as white hot on dark background in the past but not anymore in 1.5?

I was flying a night attack mission in the 10C this weekend and I was mightily struggling to make anything out. In fact, the D video looked more like NV than IR, with me able to make out all the terrain but simply in B&W instead of color. I couldn’t really see an entire convoy on the road, it was a gray road with slightly darker gray spots moving slightly.

I would’ve sworn in the past that convoy would’ve stood out easily while the terrain itself would be largely indistinct blocks and blobs. Now, though, it’s like using night vision on my cell phone where the high-contrast stuff is visible but low contrast (like camo’d vehicles on a road at night) is still impossible to see.

Hmm. My recollection is the same as yours. I haven’t flown the A-10 since my current F-5 obsession (which followed my previous Su33 obsession–I am a one-trick-at-a-time pony, you see). But I will give a peak in both 1.5 and 2.1 later today.

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vehicles should be White Hot in the MAV Seeker display.

Will give this a look tonight if I get a chance…

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If I remember correctly, thermal optics (both IR Mavericks and the TGP) are a little messed up right now in 1.5 due to how the game determines what it’s supposed to look like. Something to do with the textures.

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That would be in line with what I’m seeing now. I admit I’ve not tried 2.x lately as my friend doesn’t have NTTR, so we only fly 1.5. My only flight time has been MP.

It’s not horrible, I’ll just skip night missions for now, I certainly have enough day ones.