DCS Kfir announced!


Happy New Year !!!

We wanted to make a new post about our status, working process and our heading.

We made a restart in our process on the KFIR, we found some mistakes made on the way of modeling, so we decided to make the model as precise as possible using the “photo scan”.

Diving into the research of the plane, we found a good and accurate processes, from which we can produce an accurate model.

We spent 2 month for collecting the needed info for the project, and for the last 2 weeks we created the basic model of the plane.

Now I will describe our road map for the project:

Main Goal - 3rd Party dev

Developing an Official DCS KFIR C2 MOD, followed later by the upgrade to C7

To achieve this goal we have to pass some steps:

  1. Pass the exams from ED for basic model and code, to show that we can connect this things to fly.
  2. Get an permit from IAI to mess with this plane

Currently we are in negotiation with IAI for meeting and presenting our needs, and in parallel we polishing some basic exterior and interior stuff to run it as a MOD, and show it to ED.

If we pass the exams and got all the needed stuff signed, some of you will enjoy the bird in the future, and other birds we have gained access to.

Later project will be developing the local map and historical war of Israel

Secondary Goal - which will be in the case we dont get it signed for some how, KFIR C2 C7 as a NON-Official mod

We hope never reach this goal !!!
In the case we here, we will involve all of the people who want to take part in the development to our team !

Enjoy our stuff


awww yisss!!!

Some proper targets for the MiG-19 :smiley:


LAWLZ! But really, we’re getting close to some Yom Kippur re-enactment…

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Mmm… Kfir… Not to be confused with Kefir!

Ok joke aside, that is a somewhat nice looking plane. Probably not one that I would fly (unless they give us an middle east map that includes Israel or a map with Ecuador or Colombia) but I guess it will make a lot of people happy if it becomes reality. :slight_smile:

It is an interesting plane from an interesting era (Beqaa Valley). I have zero expectations but wish them best luck.

Great to read, they seem to become a qualified team.

And it was a US Navy aggressor jet in the early 1980s…so F-14A and Kfir sorties in the Red Flag map…that will be fun. :grin:


Actually they still are used as agressor jets, but they are privately owned and operated. The navy or air force hires them to fly red.



Yep. The Blogger known as Neptunus Lex was killed in a crash in one six years ago.

Different company, but same premise.
ATAC flies the Kfir C7 and Hawker Hunter, while Draken Int’l fly a fleet of A-4K/N & Mb-339. Draken is finalizing its addition of MiG-21s and former South African Atlas Cheetahs (based on the Kfir).

ATAC is also expanding and adding Mirage F1s. The first were recently put together down in Ft Worth.


Well, time to start a Kfir playlist. Seriously, love the Kfir. Especially the C.2.


That is going in a DCS mission lol. As soon as the phantom gets here.