For some reason, the thought of this module combined with the amazing Syria map does strange things to me. I keep having these ideas of ordering a proper rotary rig and devoting all my time to really studying the module and then spending hours with just the sensor head above the treetops.

I hope this module is released soon.


Hey spikey, that’s exactly how I feel about the Hind :wink:


I suggest trying out the Gazelle in the interim to get a feel for how Polychop does things and adjust to a light helicopter.

Great idea, and thanks for the suggestion. I have that module and love it, even though the controls are super light.

Try the settings in this video (also in description) and see if it helps:

FYI expect the OH-58D to be super light on the controls as well.


Hey, thanks. I have watched this. I know what you say about the Kiowa and her controls.

Hopefully it will be multi-crew and I can buddy up with someone. I am just dying to know the release date because I will be waiting at the door with the dirty cash in my hand!

Well let me know if you need a weapons officer if it goes multi-crew as expected.

I hate to be the bearer of bad-news, but the most recent statement on this was that it wasn’t planned to be introduced during the initial release. The statement was that PC is waiting to see how ED implements multi-crew in the UH-1H and decide from there if it is feasable to implement on their chopper as well or not (they said it would depend on how well the SDK supports it and to what level the 3rd parties can access those functions). For me an understandable decision considering how often updates broke multi-crew in the SA342.


I hope there is a ‘remove’ toggle for that water bottle wedged between the glareshield and the canopy…

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