DCS ME question: use destroyer or frigate for air threat detection?

I know that there are limitations vs airborne AWACS, but wondered if this is possible in DCS? Thinking South Atlantic scenario usage. TIA

RN destroyers are air defence platforms primarily. Frigates ASW. Primary fleet air defence radar became a Sea King variant. Two Sea King HAS2s were modified in 1982 with the addition of the Thorn-EMI ARI 5980/3 Searchwater LAST radar attached to the fuselage on a swivel arm and protected by an inflatable dome. This allowed the radar to be lowered below the fuselage during flight and for it to be raised for landing. These prototypes, designated HAS2(AEW), were both flying within 11 weeks and deployed with 824 “D” Flight on HMS Illustrious, serving in the Falklands after the cessation of hostilities. A further eight HAS2s were modified to a production standard, known as the AEW2. Two remained “fitted for but not with”. These entered operational service in 1985, being deployed by 849 Naval Air Squadron. Three Sea King HAS5/6s were later converted as part of the ASaC Mk7 programme, bringing the Mk7 fleet to 13; still 3 below the requirement.


Thanks Scoop for the update. I was aware of the Sea King variant being rushed (11 weeks) into service during the Falklands conflict and also of its limitations as far as not being able to detect aircraft over land, but wanted to know if there was a mission building option other than using the E2. I did not know that it continued being used this way after the conflict. With the Sea King retirement, what does HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier group use? Merlin, or something similar?

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Entirely off topic, but as I skimmed through the topics on MS I read this as “Star destroyer or frigate as early warning radar” I mean obviously the Star Destroyer has superior sensors, but it’s kind of waste to put in a picket position rather than in the battle line.


Merlin with Crowsnest radar, but they are looking seriously at fixed wing drones for the task.

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