DCS Memory leak problem - reinstall question.

Hi guys,
After the latest patch of DCS beta 1.5x, I seem to have developed a severe memory leak with DCS only that will crash the game and use all of my 16gig of ram in about an hour’s play.

I have been checking in with @maclean and his is all good and others seem to be fine as will, so I guess I have something porky in my install somewhere.

Enough of the ramble, so I am going for a full install again and the question is relating to saving my controller configs.

Q… Do I need to save the entire config file or just the input file to keep my controller settings???

Maybe talking rubbish but since you are going back to the same version I see no problem in copying the entire config folder over the reinstall one. (may have to load the profile again on each Module though)

Doesn’t matter, just the input files would be fine. If you dive deeper into the input folder, by then choosing a module and then joystick. You will find a couple of LUA files. These are the files that are working the controller magic, and need to be kept safe at all cost.

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