DCS Mission Test Request: Single Player, Huey, Gulf

I’ve been working on this little mission for 3 days now. It is not at all complex but the infantry and AI behavior in DCS is so porked that it has required quite a bit of trickery to make it work. And it mostly does. What breaks this mission is that on occasion, once the assault team is done and on their way back to the EXFIL LZ, they slow to a crawl as if some recursive loop is interfering with their progress. I have found that by giving them a bunch of waypoints and changing their formation at each point, their chances of running unimpeded improve greatly. Still, about a quarter of the time, they crawl to the LZ. This is basically a classic ARMA3 assault from the perspective of the helicopter but with door gunners doing much of the killing. If you try it (thank you!) please let the lead ship first attempt to pick up the team and take them back to base. I mainly want to see if that works for anyone. Total runtime is about 30 minutes.

Raid on Tabl


A war between a US-led coalition against Iraq and Iran is hopefully at its closing stage. There is a strong pocket of remaining resistance based on Qeshm Island.

Blue Task:

You are tasked with flying the second ship of a flight of two UH-1s. This 2-ship will split a small assault team and take it to a LZ (Blue Bullseye) on the eastern outskirts of the town of Tabl. Once regrouped at the LZ the team will head west into the center of town to clean up any fighters who’ve remained in place after an overnight bombardment. You will provide overwatch as the team carries out their mission and then meet them at the EXFIL LZ (Red Bullseye). Pick up the team and bring them back. Simple.

Specific instructions will be provided along the way. Tell your door gunners to “keep the powder dry” until and if the assault team is fired upon. Good luck!

Raid on Tabl.miz (19.3 KB)

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I’ll try it later on. Last time I made a mission with a pick up/drop off script, it crashed the server. Worked fine in single player.

Without opening it up, your infantry may be in a position to “see” the enemy, and that may be why they are doing the slow crawl. If you do have enemy in the area, try setting them to Invisible. Ill be at my computer later today if you still have issues.

Thanks 'Crew! They do see them. That’s sort of the point :slight_smile: ! I wanted (and got) a nice urban firefight for the two helicopters to overfly and support. And they (our infantry) do that pretty well. They stop, disperse, fight admirably and move on to the remaining waypoints. Maybe there is a bad guy that is unkillable and unseeable. I’ll check it out.

Ahh, just remembered… try setting your infantry to ROE=Green.


Just to be clear, alarm state is green / red. ROE is hold/return/open


Thanks for the help all. I am rewriting the mission and simply deactivating the group after each “act”. Doing it this way works but feels soulless. But the player will never know. Flying overhead a smoking urban hellscape while troops below exchange heavy fire is a surprisingly fun experience in DCS. If I ever get that mastered I’ll submit it.

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