DCS Multi-player

Just wondering if there is a favorite server you all use? I have been looking at the Blue Flag server (just reading a bit about it). Seems like it could be a lot of fun. Just curious where you all do your online flying…

Blue Flag, 104th, TAW, 229th Jungle, and quite often with @near_blind or @klarsnow if they are online. I think the easiest way to connect with the wonderful people of Mudspike is to just hop on the Teamspeak :slight_smile:


I’m gonna try to get on tonight to do some F-5 flying/learning/testing… It will probably be pretty late for me (10PM eastern or later)…

It’s been a long week I might try and join up if people are on, I haven’t flown in game in weeks :confused:

No dcs right now but I’ll probly be online tonight doing various arma and lecturing others on red flag/bfm

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I’m going to be on tonight for sure - just depends on when I get my kid to sleep. I hope to be on by 10PM eastern time (0200 UTC)…

I’ll hop on TS around then. I’ll be limited to flying the F-5 tonight though - I’ve got to grab images and take impressions for the PC Pilot review. If some other willing tutor types are around, I’ll probably be struggling with the systems stuff since I’ve only spent a couple hours in it a few months ago for a preview article.

See ya’ tonight…

Well…I’m there in spirit at the moment. Listening to @near_blind have fun on his server while I update to 2.0 Open Alpha. Only 4 more gigs to go and I’ll be squared away. :see_no_evil:

I can’t keep these releases and branches straight.

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