DCS Multicrew Test - Gazelle

Amazing stuff, looks such fun in the same aircraft:


Seeing it in action vs reading about it really just made it come alive for me. Now I have images in my head of multicrew Cobras and Hinds snaking their way through the battlefield :heart_eyes:


all I can think about after watching that is…


Although the Gazelle will be awesome too with multi crew. exciting times! :slight_smile:


Tornado, F-4, Tornado, F-4, Tornado, F-4
That’s what happens in my head every time I read multicrew.

That being said: Polychop is doing some great work there. At this rate a finished, great working Gazelle is just around the corner. And the Bo-105 also seems to be progressing nicely.
And in addition to that their communication with the community is exemplary.

I wish all third parties would work that way.

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Basically my average answer around this topic is

Well if we are sticking in average answers…?? i wonder what i will go for

I’m starting to detect a slight trend in your posts @Bogusheadbox :wink: .