DCS: New copy protection, which modules?

Hey y’all!
I’ve been pretty busy the last few months, so not much time to follow all the DCS news.
So what I’d like to ask is:

  1. Which modules are already using the new copy protection that doesn’t spend activations anymore? Is there a list about that?
  2. Will that new copy protection be used by all new modules?

Off the top of my head, the Hornet, the Harrier and the Yak-52. Did i miss anything?

ED says yes, eventually. What that means for already released 3rd party planes, i don’t know.

I thought I had heard that the Gulf map also has the new copy protection but I am not sure.

That’s a bit disappointing actually, I had hoped for more modules having it already, as that would reduce the hassle with keys while installing on a new PC. (probably going to buy a new one as soon as the new nVidia generation is released)

True, basically everything that came out after the Harrier, i think.

I’m not aware of any module originally using SF having been ported to the new copy protection as of yet.

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Mirage, Harrier, NTTR, Viggen, Hornet, Spitfire, Gulf, and the recently released Yak-52. Steam lists all the modules that still have Starforce, but my understanding is that the Mirage was the first to use the new system.

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Well…it didn’t ask me for a registration code.

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