DCS news update today. GPS navigation for all!

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There is a sale going on and you can spend extra bonus money this weekend. What really catched my eye today though was this:

[QUOTE]Our current focus is on the merger of DCS World 1.5 with DCS World 2.0.
This version, termed DCS world 2.5, will return us to a unified DCS
version with the new graphics engine and be capable of supporting
multiple maps. In addition to these features, we also plan to include an
improved Caucasus map, new and improved explosions and clouds, improved
network code, and the new procedural grass and ground clutter.

In parallel with DCS World 2.5, we continue to make progress on the DCS:
Strait of Hormuz map, DCS: Normandy map, DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, DCS:
Spitfire IX, the option to add a Garmin GNS 430 navigation device that
can be installed on various aircraft, continued improvements to Combined
Arms, new additions to the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map, new
campaigns, Kuznetsov and Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, Flaming Cliffs
3 aircraft updates, new effects, and other efforts mentioned in
previous newsletters.

With both the consumer Rift and Vive Virtual Reality (VR) systems on the
near horizon, we are also improving the DCS VR experience which
includes better cockpit interaction, user interface, and performance.

We have a LOT on our plate right now, but as each effort reaches maturity, we will provide more information.



Not sure, but can be the start of the civil branch on DCS: W?. The web link, very pretty new 3D models on develop. (updating DCS: W roadmap).

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Was that fourth model a GPS guided KAB-500?

yeah that’s a KAB500S

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GPS Unit is likely for some Russian Fighters that dont have GPS natively, but IRL they use off the shelf units from Walmart.com.

Likely not gonna be available for “ALL” aircraft,

No doubt. I was just curious as it looked like a KAB, but I didn’t recognize it’s guidance package. Knowing Ivan Ivanonvich, I’d imagine it’s integrated with the Su-24/30/34 at most. Still interesting though.

That Garmin would be handy as an option in the Warbirds too. Get that attachment bracket on the Mustang :slight_smile:

Yeah and the MiG-35 ( not yet adopted by any airforce ), Su-35 and Tu-22M3M. There’s some footage of the weapon being employed by a fullback in syria or so it claims.

I want to believe.

the Mirage 2000-C is now included in the sale. I couldn’t resist


Resistance is futile.


I got the big computer to run the numbers, and that’s a pretty nice 30% off sales price. Aaargh, in basket.

The Mirage 2000 is tempting, but then I haven’t purchased the NTTR yet… :confused:

It was just a paragraph, but they left my P-47 out.


No they didn’t

other efforts mentioned in previous newsletters.

“In 1,000 meters, turn … left.”
“You are on the fastest route to your target. You will hit your target in … 30 … seconds.”

“Make a u-turn at the next intersection.”


Actually you can use the Mirage in DCS 1.5 as well * evil laughter*

Mine flies totally fine in the Caucasus :slight_smile:

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