DCS Newsletter 18 Dec 2015


Worth making a single post for. The news of the day includes:

The A-10C: The Enemy Within Campaign is now available.

Campaigns Plus 50% off on sale for the A-10C for anyone that doesn’t have it.

You can read @BeachAV8R’s AAR report here:

DCS: M-2000C Coming Next Week.

"RAZBAM’s DCS: M-2000C is now undergoing final testing prior to its Open Beta release next week. This Open Beta will work with both DCS versions 1.5 and 2.0.

Once the Open Beta is released, the pre-purchase sale price will end, so get your copy now and treat yourself to this outstanding new entry to DCS World."

DCS World 2 - Open Alpha Update 1

Fixes / features include:
L-39 updates: SPU communications fixed, flashing lights on ADF dials, ADF frequency dials in rear cockpit getting stuck
Signal flare brightness increased
Fixed multiplayer client loss when changing slots
Localization fixes for Russian, German and Chinese
F-86F: Improved rudder control, corrections to manual, AN/ARN-6 CONT position now selectable, added input for accelerometer and fast gyro slaving, updated rudder trim
Mi-8MTV2: Corrections to manual, added window heating regulator
Fw-190: Fixed left gun not firing
MiG-15Bis: New Chinese livery for MiG-15
Bf-109: Updated wind sound
UH-1H: Added UHF ARC51 channel frequency table, fixed ARC51 presets
Encyclopedia corrections
Entire flight refuels when player refuels now
Corrected missile plume visual from certain angles
Corrected engine sounds in network mirrors
Further stabilization fixes
Corrected Moskva attack distances
Adjusted display of airfield ATC frequency on F10 map
Fixed crash as a result of client cargo unhooking
Corrected VORTAC frequencies
New imposter data test parameters
Corrected S-8 rocket smoke
Added KAB-1500LG to encyclopedia
Adjusted BMP-3 100mm gun
Reduced memory allocations
Improved Combined Arms “Arcade Camera” view
Corrected AI A-10C and A-10A landing gear damage
Changed MAXFPS to 180


‘imposter’? What’s that about?

MAXFPS at 180… me thinks a new computer will be in the works for 2016, with a 4K monitor in the 40" range. I wonder what hardware is needed to get up to that max 180?


Isn’t that the increased sizes of distant objects, making them easier to see? I think the data check is where the mission can specify at what level it is used - locking it down server-side for MP. Not certain though.

Im glad it seems that Razbam is going to be able to meet their deadline and get the 2000c out this year. Good for them.

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