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Not In Soviet Union, Comrade


Not so sure, or at least the little documentation I’ve found indicates z is latitude and the ME appears to reflect that. Gotta love this. Two ED employees asking the same dang question. Search continues…

edit: It’s easy enough to add gates to waypoints, but really looking for the custom solution. Fly through “helper gate”, activate powerup :slight_smile:


On playing with it, I don’t think the coordinates are relative to the bullseye. But I’m also not convinced “show helper gates” does anything.

Could you do something like a smoke signal instead? Or maybe have “shoot down this plane, get powerup”?

ETA: Someone tell ED that their wiki has been coopted by bots. Do not search for “gate” on the ED wiki!


Yeah I got unlucky. I was testing on the PG map and that one does zero at default bullseyes so I assumed that was the rule. Tested against other maps and found out as you said, the two aren’t related. I also got position via script and confirmed the values shown on the mission editor are good.

Not quite ready to give up on the gate, but that third value, course, is a real bugger. The value should be a table as below which I have no idea how to format in one field.

orientation = {
x = { x = 0, y = 0, z = 1},
y = { x = 0, y = 1, z = 0},
z = { x = -1, y = 0, z = 0}

Edit: if I could spawn wholly via script, that would be perfect, but gates don’t seem to be like other objects. Maybe I’ll get lucky with syntax…


LALT+Y cycles through the various coordinate systems in editor and F10 map, including in-game coordinates.


Is a great tip. I did confirm that the X, Z values were accurate as shown on the ME via script. Just got unlucky that I was testing on the PG map and with a trigger action that appears to be incomplete or bugged.


So with regards to that tunnel, anybody tried making a pass at it, then punching off the drop tanks? :grin:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. This movie came up in conversation at work today.


I still remember the introductory course to the Eurofighter- the first thing that was shown was a rip-off of that scene, with the Eurofighter in place of the 'Bug and (of course) surviving and making short work of every possible type of target.


Wait, I GOT to show it…



Can you tell me which part of the video I need to skip to see where it can’t take off because the government didn’t buy enough parts to operate it that month, and it’s too embarrassed by the stupid sexy Rafale next door to leave the hanger anyhow? :thinking:




@komemiute, @near_blind is just upset that the eurofighter is far more capable than his most beloved airframe… the f-16. :wink:


I hold no bad blood towards anyone. :slight_smile:
I love the Eurofighter- always will. I can totally understand @near_blind.

But that promo video is still the most vomiting piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen.


Wow. Still, more believable than Stealth (which by the way is on Netflix), less far - fetched than the last four Fast /Furious movies, and better plot line than the last five Transformers movies. Michael Bay could learn a lot from these guys about storytelling, continuity, editing, character development, and plot pacing.

I’ll give it a perfect 5/7.


I got that reference! :smiley:


Hi folks,

Basic question. Do any of the RED planes have anti-ship missiles? Doesn’t need to be flyable…


Well, Tu-22M for starters. Tu-142 does too, I think.


Thanks! What would it be like trying to land on a carrier when it is under massive attack. Lets find out! :slight_smile:


What @Franze said.

But More exhaustively

  • Su-24M (Kh-31A)
  • Su-25TM (Kh-35)
  • Tu-142 (Kh-35)
  • Tu-22M3 (Kh-22)
  • Su-34 (Kh-31A, Kh-35)
  • Su-30 (Kh-31A, Kh-35)


Holy crap. So kh-22 is some serious business. I set up 9 Backfires to go after the Stennis group. 3 of 18 shots got through, sinking both the Stennis and a missile frigate. Great effects with the boats slipping under the water.

Next was the KH-31A. 16 shot from SU-30s. 4 got through, 2 hitting the Stennis and one each for two frigates. Some smoke and fire, but no sinkage. KH-35 fared about the same.

One cool thing is that a hole was blown into the side of the carrier and you could see through to the hanger deck. Had some detail there. Cool knowing that they will expand carrier ops.

Thanks for the pointers here. Definitely have material now for the harriest landing ever…


Yes it is. The KH-22, aka the AS-4 KITCHEN was likely designed from the beginning as a carrier-killer. Back during the “Big One” (the Cold War), being in an F-14 squadron–specifically being the intelligence officer in an F-14 squadron–you became eminently familiar with the BACKFIRE/KITCHEN combination.

I haven’t looked to see if DCS has the AS-4 range as I knew it to be (and wouldn’t say if it was). However, its range is significant…as is its flight profile. I know DCS has it fly up to some extreme altitude and speed before dropping down to attack the carrier. I will neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of that.

Suffice to say that our goal…our purpose in the fleet…was to “Shoot the Archer; Not the Arrow”…in other words, decimate the regiments of BACKFIREs coming over the horizon before they could launch, because once they launched…well…I did know where my abandon ship station was, and as an Ensign I would have had a “command at sea” of our life raft…not many Ensigns get such an opportunity…it would have looked very good on my Fitness Report…just say’n. :sunglasses:

Quite frankly, before Heatblur releases their full-up F-14, I wouldn’t mess with TU-22M raids. DCS has only Tycho CGs, no Arleigh Burke DDGs so one is sort of stuck in a weird time warp with only FA-18Cs that were never designed to counter the Red Banner Northern Fleet’s Soviet Naval Aviation strike assets.