Dcs p-38d

Hey Fellas,
I was just over at DCS site and I downloaded the P-38D by Markeril. I hope I got his name right…
At any rate, there has not been a lot of noise made about this and I just found it by coincidence. I check user files every few days at DCS. So I thought “Here comes another incomplete model” But to my surprise there was a Mustang pit but with the twin engines and exterior model that was very nice. The author says it will be difficult to take off. Landing is now permitted(was not before). It also came with about 7 skins.
I flew against the 109 but I could not kill one. It will take some getting used to. There is nice damage modeling ect… Best of all its FREE. I only got a chance to play with it for about 30 minutes then it was time to come to work. I did not try a landing. There is a few bugs. I shot one to pieces and both props stopped but it would not crash.
I believe this will be an exciting mod for the WW2 crowd. Go get yours now for Freeeeeee.

Good Day!



Hey Maico! Nice, nice news…
Do you feel the flight model feels “heavy” enough?

Heh, I’m pretty curious…

This one?


Some really fun things in that whole thread actually - nice! Thanks @Maico

Yes! That one. I don’t know much about flight models. I can only have this opinion on my limited knowledge. The 38 is a lot easier to kill in the 109 than the 109 is in the 38. I think the “K” is a hell of a beast as it should be. That said, I am so happy to see the 38 in game and hope it gets developed further.

Well the Lightning is a bad match for the European Theatre. It was dominated as a fighter by its contemporary designs. It was dreaded by German ground troops though who called it “Gabelschwanzteufel”.

It was much more successful in the PTO agains mid-war Japanese fighters. Always liked these missions in the IL-2 series…

Ask Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto…:astonished:

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I love the P-38. Markindel did a great job there.

…only as AI though, I don’t fly planes that don’t have a proper cockpit.