DCS Pre-Release Sale Length

Given that we have all probably smashed the buy button for the F-18, it got me thinking about the precedence being set for future modules. Obviously, ED has my utmost confidence the F-18 will be released, and finished, at some point. The likely hood that ED would take our money and not produce is slim to none, but what about other third parties? Would you have the same confidence to purchase other aircraft sight unseen?

For me personally, I liked the way that they handled the release of the harrier. There was no exact release date, but at least a “By the end of November”, along with allowing private testing to be shared online. I wasn’t around when the WW2 kickstarter/crowd funding fiasco went down, but there is really only two developers I would trust with an extended presale.

Well at the moment ED are probably the only creators/devs that I would pre purchase. Without naming names there have been some mixed support for/from 3rd party modules.
Obviously any chopper is probably day one purchase because thats my bag. But no more planes from 3rd partys until at least the late beta stage, Hell Imp, Wolle and myself practically wrote the guide for radios and navigation for the mi-8 and it is only recently we have an actual manual. :slight_smile:

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I’d jump on a BST Phantom or RAZBAM Mudhen. But those are relatively low risk, high yield propositions. Oh yeah, would be hard to keep my finger off the buy button for a Jug as well. I’m in a good place with BST and RAZBAM. Although I don’t fly the M2000 often, when I do, she sure feels good.


IMO BST and RAZBAM are the two I trust the most. Seem to be very stable, and the products are top notch.

Of course we’re all waiting for the RAZBAM Intruder…


Considered that there should be plenty of developer blog updates, screenshots and videos when a module goes to Pre-Sale, I think one can make a good decision whether you want to take the risk or not.

I wouldn’t buy a module without such information.

Having said that, I did pre-purchase Leatherneck’s Fishbed and Viggen without any regret and I will probably do the same for Heatblur’s Tomcat.

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