DCS Radio Menu Tree Keymapping

This looks like it isn’t possible to do, but if it is, can somebody point me in the right direction?

If not, maybe a suggestion to the developers since it looks really simple to implement.

Let’s say I don’t want to use the F Keys to select radio options to negotiate with my wingman, JTAC or other assets in the middle of the action. Maybe I’m in VR and can’t see the keyboard. I know I can map the F keys to my hotas, but those are a lot of keys. Wouldn’t it be nice to navigate the radio menus with a directional control? Like pressing down, down, down to select an option, right to enter, left to go back to previous menu?

I mean, I have a 4 way hat that I could spare to to that, but I can’t seem to be able to program itthis way. Funny thing is that the menu already have highlighted state from the mouse over, but nothing keyboard operated…

Voice Attack is the simplest way to navigate the radio tree. I map one command to my HOTAS, which is the Listen command in Voice Attack. Then I call up the radio tree by saying Radio, and then the F keys are just 1,2,3 etc. It works great and there is no fumbling around.

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Very similar here.
Works fine.

You can do this to a point, but since the menu items change often depending on aircraft and context, you are limited to a few consistent commands, like “cover me”. Also, it gets even more complex when you go beyond simplified communications.

Like @PaulRix says, VoiceAttack is easiest, especially with the VAICOM plugin, which has intelligence to change commands depending on context.

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+1 for the combo VoiceAttack & VAICOM

True enough. If I’m flying a jet that is simpler than the TH WH, I use one of the hat switches for some “stand alone” radio calls like “Cover me” or “Attack…” - tailored to the aircraft…so my Mig-19 button map is focused on A2A calls, etc.

So that’s what I thought, no way of mapping a selector inside the tree…

Hopefully one day the devs could add it in. Seems pretty simple and a welcome addition. Would make the comms closer in dynamic to the much more agile jester wheeel…

I have tried to use Voice Attack in the past without much success. Will need to study it a bit more until I get it going…