DCS Reducing object numbers offline mission - LAG

Hi is there a quick way to reduce object numbers to avoid lag and stutters in an offline mission?

do i need to edit the mission or ther’s a workaround??

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You can reduce the preload radius and the draw distance/visibility range settings down, which should keep objects from being loaded up until much closer. This will only help if it’s really is your graphics card that’s overloaded.

With a short view range, you will have more instances of data being read from the hard drive (or SSD) - and that is the usually reason for stutters or lag.

If you are using DCS on the hard drive still, I highly recommend buying even a cheap SSD that’s large enough for DCS (plus room to grow) - the difference is far more substantial than most would think.

Second to that is RAM - if you have 16GB or less there will be more disk activity again as there’s not enough RAM to keep it all cached.

In any case, send us your system specs and we can help identify any weak points.


Ty Wes!

I have a good pc! I was asking for a teammate! I’ll report your suggestions!!!