DCS replay compatibility

Does anybody know whether 2.0 replays still work in 2.1?

I’m delaying the upgrade because of some AAR I want to create from 2.0 replays.

Replays work?

I just tested it and it seems to work. Replayed an old track from January 2017 and it started to replay. However that doesn’t mean that it will replay the old flight perfectly as the replay function seems to have some problems in generall.

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Thanks for testing.

Yeah. Those replays are like war stories. Everytime they are retold, they differ a little from the previous version. Sometimes with significant changes to the end result (like the protagonist dying :open_mouth:)

IL-2 always had and still has that problem with both of their recording types. ntrk’s are better than trk’s but even the .ntrk’s can leave a lot to be desired when they run too long and you change views too often.