DCS Sale Purchases



Bought my buddy the F-5 as an early Xmas gift so he can join in for the fly in. :sunglasses:


Is there a DCS fly in I have missed being announced ?



Just jumped onto my PC to fly and I have a problem with the rift. Dash has encountered a fatal error…I have a suppot ticket and hopefully it will be fixed for the weekend :cry:


I am not actualy resisting. I decided to buy it already. My only priblem is that I encoutered INSUFICIENT FUNDS ! on my PayPal acount :slight_smile:

Funy story : I have loged in to my PayPal and they asked me to provide mobile number. I did and they sent me sms with verification code. Then I wanted to send some funds. Result was that sms verification for the transfer was not suported at that moment… haha !



GREAT call on tacview dude. What a fantastic awesome amazing tool that is! I cannot believe how useful it has been already.

The only bad thing is it clearly shows how much I suck at flying a2a. But for improving the way you think and showing your faults its brilliant. I apparently only work in 2 dimensions. I really need to use height more lol.

My tracks are flatter than scalextric at the moment. No wonder I keep getting my butt handed to me by mig 21s…

Really appreciate it man really good call. Thanks


No question Tacview is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It really shows how terrible my situational awareness is unfortunately.

I did buy the Huey. Very fun :slight_smile:


Thanks again to those on here who pushed me over the edge to purchase the Huey. That thing is really fun although I can’t seem to land it worth a darn. I think at last count I have killed 5 soldiers attempting the Medvac easy mission on the PG map and probably 13 Admirals attempting to get back to their aircraft carrier from a land base on the PG map as well. Oh, I think I also killed some tourists who mistakenly boarded my chopper for a sightseeing tour of the PG map. Luckily my waiver indicated that there would be no refunds.


Any tips just ask. Or catch me on the flyin :slight_smile:

I am buying the Yak for the fly in hope someone wants to play :smiley:


I got the L-39.

Maybe a weird choice given the more popular planes missing from my current library… What caught my attention was the training themed campaign. I feel it’s going to fall perfectly into my current level of skill (once I actually learn to fly it). The other thing was, of course, the rudimentary navigation, flying by the gauges, and a flight model where you actually need to use the rudder…


I agree that purchase of L39 with the campaign before moving to the more popular and more complex planes is good choice.


Flying the L-39 definitely makes you a better and more accurate pilot. It’s quite nice to fly slow enough to appreciate the scenery. With full flaps you can land on a dime too.

One of my favourite planes in DCS…and simple enough that you can take a break and still remember how to do it all later without needing a week’s worth of requalification.