DCS Screenshots


^^^ From Erl Sis, No Labels

Thinking of you, @Bogusheadbox :sunglasses: I’m loving it


Bro hugs man, bro hugs…

Does it have an f111?


Did you have a previous career script-writing for awesome 1980’s blockbuster action movies?


I wish. Truth be told:



Holy simulated skies, Batman. That’s an amazing shot!


Thanks a lot! These took me a bit longer to get the aircraft lit up by the lightning in the exact second.


Nice! It would be interesting to see an AAR of some of your missions! :smiley:


Mmmm, my first Eagle Dynamics crush…


Capt. Donald Emerson of the 336th FS.


Just shooting some approaches in light crosswind with the Poor Man’s Phantom and enjoying the nice effects I do not usually see in VR.



The F-5E is still easily my most favorite aircraft in DCS. It is just so much fun to fly.


Nice shots! I have to admit I haven’t fallen in love with the F5 yet. I should probably spend a bit more time with it.


Currently reading ChickenHawk :stuck_out_tongue:


@EightBall wow that’s a pretty shot!

I fell in love with it when I got asked to provide CAS for a UH-1H slick flight in a 229th mission. One start to appreciate the aircraft in combat situations.



Wow, that’s a beauty @Ugene - nice!


mods: DCS Vietnam by Starway


Here’s what in my mind now.