DCS Screenshots


I think is not there as of yet, but I also thought it was already implemented.


Back in the saddle again. Training my friend on GBU-31 special delivery in the Erl Sis mission. Then we went on to CBU-97s… and an intro into the Tactical Commander role. Time well spent, up till 0200 - long time since that happened. Cheers! :cocktail:


Bombing with the lovely Mirage … 2.1 doesnt need any photoshop xD


DCS World 2.1 is still impressing me.

Trawling along the front line:


Off the target:

@near_blind trimming some trees:

Forming up on @DeadMeat:

And, just so you do not get the impression that it’s all roses and wine… Aw! I bent my nose gear! (ignore the holes in my right wing, please :slight_smile: )


Really love that second shot…!




Shockingly, I have not bought any of this DCS WW2 Map or Units. Im a big Spitfire fan as well as a 109 driver. But after seeing these shots… I got to have it. NICE!!!



There’s just something special about rocket attacks!



Just be warned: Like legends of old, both of those birds actively trying to kill you on take-off and landing … at least, until you get some stick time in them they will try their best to surprise you. I can’t remember the last time my Spitfire had pain on it’s wingtips :slight_smile:


Mission testing screenshots.




Yes, sure, I didnt even fire a single one from my MiG21 tonight, Strela was much more special this time :wink:




I love it! The lighting is soo good. Got onboard with Normandy this weekend. A worthwhile addition.


Concur completely!
I was lucky enough to get Nevada for free when my brother gifted me the A10C beta and the Normandy for free with my 20$ kickstarter pledge.
Plus the P-47D!

I only recently installed both new maps and I seriously can’t believe how it looks.

I would have never thought possible to have a home simulator with this graphics and all…

Yes, it ain’t perfect and sometimes the development seems slow but what the hell- it’s still the best modern flight sim to date.