DCS Screenshots


@SkateZilla your F-18 is absolutely gorgeous! I will probably never use it but I love seeing it fly like this!



Such a tease


Is that the ISVN F-15E with F-15C cockpit? Basic CCIP bombing only?


At least with the new shaders and rendering in 2.1, Polarized Glass Type Textures work :slight_smile:


Nope, just AI doing AI things. I haven’t bothered with flyable mods since FC2.


Public wont be able to fly her, but, She’s a Fantastic Wingman though, Lethal…


I hate being the “public”


I am feeling hopeful due to these sceenshots. I hope it gets released in July. It will be my Birthday gift to Me :slight_smile:


The lesser spotted Huey stalks its prey.


Fancy Wire Retract is in 2.1.1


*After ogling at those screens for far too comfortably long *


I see they have the carrier deck configured and manned for one of my landings…




That MiG-21 screenie is pure ART, near blind. Thanks for keeping us juiced about the Hornet. Ill be at 20k feet fighting the bombers. The new Fortress looks the business.


Just some general screenshots while building a search and rescue mission.


Very nice! Do let us know when it’s ok for a play, I love Huey S&R and could do with more on NTTR.


Looks like we could use some custom made skins here…


1.5 lighting is still pretty good



Jeremy Clarkson school of engineering.

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