DCS Screenshots


This was my stick…


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This isn’t how you secure dates.

@BeachAV8R, when do you want to be inducted to Le Pic du boue ordeur de Chasseur de Baguette? Does next Saturday work?


What settings are y’all using to make the Mirage look like that? I have everything on high, with deferred shading, and doesn’t look like that.


To be honest - I think I’m going to wait for the best instructor that I know to teach me the M2000C.


Whom do you think taught him?



Aww…Is there anything cuter than a bromance custom meme?


Can we expect an Einstein return? That would be some of the best news all year!


The public arena isn’t the space for this. What will be will be, give it time.


Just a few more WIPs,
Had to re-do glass material some…
Going through LUAs cleaning up the params and code,
Tweaking Vapor textures and animations some,

(Basically procrastinating on building the collision and damage models, lol)


Looks stunning @SkateZilla !


So much flirting going on here in the last few days…

I should keep up more with this thread! :wink:


Sometime not long ago ED snuck in an update to illumination flares like the LUU-2. This is superior in every way to how they used to look. Old school, pre-NVG night attack is a go!

Setting up to run in with guns…

You can’t really tell here but the flares light up the cockpit as you fly near them as well.

Setting up for Mk-82 AIRs…


On Snap! Nice find!


Coool. I loved illumination in the 25!


Night lighting in 2.1 is such a huge leap ahead of what it was in 1.5 overall. If they can just get lighting from the moon figured out it’ll be outstanding.


Yeah…those were some of my favorite missions. Dropping or having your wingman drop them and attacking visually under that illumination… Cool stuff…


I must try dropping some ‘Lysbomb M/71’ in the Viggen. I remember arming them for the night sorties. Usually one aircraft carried two illumination bombs and a fourship followed up with 16 120Kg ‘Sprängbomb’ each.
The illumination bombs burned at 3.000.000cd, for 170s.
They looked a lot like huge white stars, just hanging there. There were quite a few UFO reports on those nights… :laughing:


My sister went to college at an institution that was renown for it’s uh, unique, socio-political views. The town surrounding that college was full of people using various substances to recreationally expand their mental horizons. Hilariously enough within ten miles of this town is an Air National Guard base, which at the time flew F-16C-30s and specialized in low level flight training for NATO alliance members.

There was a strong correlation between the amount of night time low level training flights with counter measures employed and the number of UFO sightings in the town.