DCS SPITFIRE Jammed guns

Yesterday night after pulling high Gs in a vertical dive rolling scissor with a 109 i was able to get on his six…

While on the deck i had him filling my gunsight pressed the trigger and…

…my cannons were jammed!

I was angry at not bagging him, but at the same time pleased of the detail of the simulation… (it’s some month’s i haven’t flew DCS)

Today a doubt arise! Is the jamming modelled in the game or should i check my wharthog joystick trigger???


Hispanos were notoriously prone to jamming IRL. I’m not sure if it’s simulated in DCS though. I’m wondering… are you sure you did not forget to turn off the gun safety switch on the stick?

no no it was unlocked.

at moments it fired short burst and then stopped…

Also both mg and cannons weren’t firing!

i’ll check my target script and windows game controls for the joystick! :man_facepalming:t3:

I have never had a gun jam in any DCS prop. Not saying its not modeled, only that I’ve never experienced it.

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I’m more prone to think at a joystick failure! But I checked it now and it works! (Don’t know way but back in the day i mapped guns on 9 and mg on 8 key)

Ps i’m wondering how much ammo i waste in the delay of the release of the 9 key! :man_facepalming:t2:

reviving this thread because i think i found what’s happening!

when i talk (PUSH TO TALK ctrl key mapped on my wharthog throttle)

and fire (8 and 9 buttons mapped on my wharhog thrigger)

at the same time the plane doesn’t shoot!

dcs accept only one key at a time!
(may be i should add ctrl 8 and ctrl 9 as secondary keys for shooting!)

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