DCS: Using user created missions

I’ve downloaded some User created missions (and other files) for the SU-25T from the DCS server. I’ve been able to load/play a few of these files, but some give me a warning about “mission is newer than the editor” and that I will try the files at my own risk. Obviously, this is something serious, because when I try to load/play those particular files, my DCS World program crashes/freezes.

Anyone know if these particular missions are not compatible with the newest version of DCS? Is there a way to know this without actually trying the missions? I looked for something saying like “Compatible with 2.5.6”, but I don’t see anything like that…

“Through the Inferno (Georgian Coast)”
“SU-25T Smack Down at Brut”
“Deep Mud”
“Operation Clear Field”
“Su-25T Beach Prep SP Mission”
“Su-25T Cluster Munition Training”

Thanks for any help.

Are you running the Open Beta?

No, I’m running the standard program (I’m not at my flight sim computer right now, so I’m not sure what the actual name of it is), but it’s not the beta…should I be running the beta?

Oh yes you should, but tomorrow ‘stable’ gets updated to the ‘open beta’ version, so you should be golden either way.

There are two branches of DCS out in the wild. Stable and open beta. They do not do what it says on the tin. Stable can and will still crash and contain bugs. It is after all a product of mortal men, who are fallible by design. Open beta is a more rapidly updated branch where the adventurous and non-perfectionists mingle with the impatient in trying out new features and things.

Use the excellent skatezilla tool to switch between versions.

Usually, you can open those missions in the editor and save them again. That will usually make them work.

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