DCS VR Learner Question

After 3 weeks of Christmas holiday break I finally got around to going VR in DCS. I had already bought an HTC Vive system about 6 months ago but was a bit nervous getting into VR too soon. My first real go was using the BF-109K and I decided to use the Landing Training mission to begin with. Super impressed with the graphics but I think the frame rate was a bit poor despite owning a high end system that handles anything I throw at it.
So I followed a very helpful YouTube video that entailed downloading and installing new shaders and tweaking various parameters. Second flight was much better and I found I could now land the Messerschmitt in VR.
I do have a TM Warthog Throttle and Stick which helps with some of the switches but I was hoping to use the mouse to click some switches in the cockpit. Problem is I find it damned hard to spot the cursor (a round white dot) despite waggling the mouse all over the place. It would be so cool if I could click a key to centre the mouse in the screen so I would at least know where to start looking. How do you regular VR fliers get on with this issue?



First, welcome.

Yeah, I lose that sucker sometimes myself. I know of no way around it other than ‘stirring’ til I find it. I’d like to know if there is a method myself as I like to use my head to point the cursor to activate switches; I often have to manually re-center, the mouse, to get it in near the middle.

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Welcome, etc.

I am not familiar with the HTC Vive system. Does it have some type of and controllers? If so, that is the thing to use. DCS will show a pair of gloved hands to “see” where your hands are and they essentially move in the cockpit space…or out of it as you can stick a hand out of the canopy.

Again not familiar with the HTC Vive, however, the Rift-S controllers also have a couple of useful “extra” functions like Right click and R/L knob spinning.

I lose it on occasion. Wiggling it around works just as it does on a 2D desktop. Rift-S