DCS VR Optimizations


I’m planning on fully watching and following the instructions in this video tomorrow at some point. Files are listed in the comment section below the video. Looks like a nice bit of information here:


Optimise your reverb and 2080ti? Does it need it? I only ask as for me it seems to be the nirvana of flight sim hardware

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Yes, even the highest end machine will struggle with VR+DCS.

I haven’t yet watched this new optimization video, which I definitely will. Generally speaking you will want to maximize the VR resolution while still maintaining acceptable eye candy.

Anyone can confirm this on HP Reverb?

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Thanks for the video, however I find a lot of the changes in the shader mod make it look pretty pants on an HP reverb (didn’t notice the lower quality visuals when I had a Rift S) I’d really like to use the screen mask but nothing else, is there a way of singling out just this part?

Yes you can just delete the parts of the lua files you don’t want to use. That’s how they make it integrity check compliant.

Yeah…I don’t know that it does. I’ll probably try it without it and details cranked and see how it goes…

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I just gave this a throw, and there is a noticable improvement, (on my system I5 7600k, 1070ti, 32gb ram)
I was getting very bad microstuttering, this has almost compleatly eliminated that, and also i dont think it effects MP, I hopped on Hollow point and did a quick run on the highway (until a 23mm AAA gun lit my huey up) was getting a very smooth 40+fps


A very noticeable difference on my system too. :sunglasses:


Tried it a long time ago but I hated what it did to the looks of the sim. Is that better these days?

This is from a mission I was screwing around in testing. VR is VR in screenshots, but I don’t think you lose much if any fidelity with the mod.

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These are the settings I run, I started up in 2d to get a better screenshot. With the VR mod and these settings, it will basically never drop below 40, and in light missions or higher altitudes can hit 80fps. I also run a PD of 1.3.

Without the mod it will never hit 80, and will dip below 40 when on a busy carrier or a heavy mission.

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Does it pass integrity check on servers? I don’t want to bork my install just before a fly in :slight_smile:
And can you use OVGME?

I tried you can use OVGME.
I have a distortion on the periphery is there any way to expand the size of the mask?

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Well with it installed i had a quick blast on hollow point that I think has the IC check and it was quite happy … And yes you can change the mask size, if you look in dcs world open beta/ bazar / shaders / deferred. and the file you are looking for is _HMD.hlsl in there is the masksize just edit it with notepad++


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When I posted that, over there, what I really meant was I was following the above video…

It really is even more enjoyable at 70+ FPS than 45…duh; I was just happy before to be able to do this at 45.

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