DCS: W 1.5.4 Update 3 and The Museum Relic campaign

DCS: World Newsletter, release The Museum relic campaign by Sim Gaming Solution and F-86F + Mig-15bis ED pack

Changelog 1.5.4 Update 3


[quote]DCS Update 3
The Museum Relic (MiG-15 and F-86F) campaign release!

DCS World
Multiplayer. Improved aircraft motion algorithms.
TrackIR input data separated to own cpp, cockpit will use angles from trackIR directly (like in old way).
Removed “headtracking disabled” message.
Artifacts on Maverick’s IR-view and Shkval view fixed
Input chat commands moved to UI layer
Trim will working when secondary FFB device connected
Module manager. Added DRM controller for campaigns
Su-25T. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed
Su-25T. Updated Chinese version of the Georgian Oil War campaign

Su-33. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed

DCS F-5E Tiger II
AIM-9P5 missile corrected
AA1/DG mode tuned
HUD circle tuned in MSL mode
Damage model corrected
Auto lock corrected in MSL mode
DCS crushing on using GUNS fixed
Fix G-limited indication in MSL mode
Fix aircraft behavior at IDLE Engines on high-altitude airfields
Fix Choсks animation linked to canopy animation on net phantom
Added possibility to change laser code for GBU-12
Added laser code for GBU-12 to kneeboard
Smoke engines adjustment
Added LAU-68 for FFAR
Mk5 FFAR HEAT - improved FM
Rocket rotation frequency adjustment
Dispersion of FFAR increased
Fix Radar “In Range” indicator doesn’t flash when below minimum range
DCS will not hangs at weapon release if RIPPLE mode selected
Added control of radar indicator brightness
Changed default radar indicator brightness
Wing brake fixed
Corrected only one attempt to lock-on after ACQ button release in radar search mode
Added nose ballast, when inboard fuel tanks are carried.
Radar elevation controls will not stop working after target lock is broken
Fixed wind in FM
Tail light will flashing on net phantom

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
Super radar fix
Magic selection bug fix
VTB STT display for CCM.
Dropping contacts when out of STT range.
Checks that STT target is within the +/- 60º cone.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Reworked cockpit structure
Radios (VHF, UHF, intercom) implementation. Front and rear cockpit
New cockpit (knobs, oxygen system, tap on glass…) realistic sounds. Front and rear cockpit
Tweaked AI takeoff performance
Modified mirror vision
Integration work between front and rear cockpit continues. Several improvements

Repair crash fix

DCS Ka-50
Chinese flight manual updated[/quote]


Woot…! I’ve been waiting for this…!!!