DCS: Which Maritime Helo do you prefer?

Hello my friends. I just got to thinking about our DCS naval environment, and the possibilities that may come. My feeling is that DCS at its core is a late Cold War simulator. I hope we get more late '80’s early '90’s hardware to accompany the Hornet and Tomcat.

This brings me to my Topic. What would you guys most like to see for a naval support helo? An SH-3 SeaKing, an SH-60 Seahawk, or a CH-46 Seaknight?

Most (not all) Carrier Air Wings transitioned to the Hornet and the SH-60 at the same time. -Woog

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That’s a good question. If we were to go ‘older school’ I’d love to see a helo I grew up seeing fly a lot on the coast doing SAR. I’ve also been hung from beneath it once too :smile:

A Sirkosky S-58 made under license in the UK and called the Westland Wessex.

I think the UK coastguard still flies them - not sure…

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The Wessex would also work for a Falklands and Vietnam campaign. I wonder if that bird is on VEAO’s list?

Waddaya mean late 80s early 90s! The Seaking is modern hardware here in Canada! Still operational and still relied on! We see them travelling the country side (on flat bed trucks) or landed in fields (waiting for parts) all the time! Can I put another exclamation point in there? Yes!

I would like to see a Sea King … seriously. Been watching them fly all my ‘adult’ life :slight_smile:

My vote’s for the CH-53E Super Stallion, just because it’s so huge. What a challenge it must be to land that beast on a carrier!

Ah, yep - that’s it, they called in the Sea King in the UK too, couldn’t remember the name.

Apparently the US called it the Sea Horse?

I think it’s easier to list aircraft not on that list :smile:

Good point about a Vietnam and Falklands fit, with maybe the F-4 and Harrier as well it’s gathering a good bunch of aircraft for those theatres.

Ah, I’ve just realized the that Sea Horse and Super Stallion are connected in horsey names :smile:

Oh, hang on - the Sea King is a different big guy:

Like the modern EH-101 series, the Sh-3 (Sea King) had a rear ramp version called the HH-3. You may be more familiar with it’s un-official name of “The Jolly Green.” This model eventually morphed into the CH-53 we have serving with the USMC today.

It would be great to get an SH-3/HH-3 combo from the same developer. From this aspect at least you could gain consistency of nose shape, instrumentation, flight model, and functionality. If I only owned a software development company… :wink: -Woog

I’d have to go with the MH 60 S as I am a T700-GE-401C Engine Rep. :wink:


Well there you go, want better way to showcase your engines than to have your company fund a MH 60 module :wink:


Ken, Is that the same engine that was in the original SH-60B as well? Or has it been upgraded over the years?

The S-70 series is probably my favorite Helo. Although, with a Tomcat, and Legacy Hornet on the deck of the Carl Vinson, It should probably be both the SH-60F and the HH-60H parked beside them. With an SH-60B sitting on the back of the Spruance Destroyer steaming along side her.

If production of the Superbug ever starts back up, then we would have a proper environment for the MH-60R/S. -Woog

LOL I don’t think NAVAIR would be funding a module when they’ve already got their own :wink: (simulators)

In the early Bs they had the 401s. They handed those down to the Marines for their AH1Ws. They’ve been upgraded to the 401C, same as the Brazil Navy S70. Edit: However, there are no US Navy B’s any more. And the only H squadron where I am, is also standing down.

Worth a shot right :smile:

I’ll see what I can do. :wink:


LOL…playing favorites is allowed.

Me - Yeah, the CH-53E Super Stallion would be awesome. But, I’d love to see someone do a USMC Osprey (does that count as a helo?)… Or the Marine Venom Huey…



I just learned that Area 51 Simulations does commission work. I wonder if this means they also are willing to sell their existing models for others to develop in other platforms? Think of those possibilities! Useful, taskable, A51 helos. -Woog

Heh, well in that case Beach, I’ll take the AH1Z or W for the win. :smiley:

+1 for Osprey!

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