DCS World changelog

DCS 1.5 Open Beta hotfix 3

‘render3D’ option in /Config/autoexec.cfg restored.
Empty [“condition”] variable in mission causes no flyable A/C fixed.
Fixed possible data lost when missions created in old versions saved in 1.5.0.
Advanced Actions panel compatibility with old 1.2.16 missions fixed
Bug with music continues playing when entering training mission is fixed.
Quick Logout fixed
The cloud render in the main menu will not capture PC time in background of the Module manager.
Fixed Unreadable and garbled characters in the MiG-15bis SPECIAL options menu for DE locale.
Some localization updates.
Fixed FPS counter when Oculus Rift used
DX11 crashes fixed

MLRS will move to get valid fire position.
Fixed bug with MLRS wrong fire direction on F10 view.

Mouse cursor will hide when not in use.
MP chat panel position can be changed by mouse.
Fixed crash to desktop after using backspace key too many times in multiplayer chat.
Fixed bug when some units and buildings were not visible to clients in multiplayer.
Error at the click on server list is fixed.

MiG-29. Cockpit updated.
AoA, Fuel quantity and G indicators updated

UH-1H. Door gunners will engage enemy.

L-39. Will possible to assign key for “Throttle - Idle/Stop” action.

Added clickable controls: flight clock heating, battery heating, emergency and general lighting.
Flashlight added (LAlt+L by default).

MiG-15 pilot: G-tolerance increased

Gun/missile selector switch: cycle clickable fixed