DCS World 2.5.x Change Log Announcements

DCS 2.5.0


  • Fixed crash on loading mission with Bf-109 in VR mode.
  • Fixed CTD in “A-10C Sturmovik” campaign mission 1.
  • Fixed corrupted font in kneeboard.
  • The Grace Period will be granted even if DRM Server is down.
  • Fixed login issue in Steam version.
  • Fixed crash on mark panels added by scripting engine.
  • Ground unit will not shoot at targets if a friendly unit is behind target, in the firing line.
  • Flak 37 will not shoots below the target at short ranges.
  • Corrected sound of controllable ground unit in the cruise control mode.
  • Now you can delete missions or tracks with Delete key in the Mission and Track open panels.
  • Fixed CTD when static object destroyed by scripting engine or AI unit.
  • Changed tainted files checking logic.
  • NS430 - Arrivals should only appear once in the popup scroll window, transitions are chosen separately.
  • NS430 - popup window interferes with night vision goggles and has odd visual artifacts.
  • NS430 - GPS incorrectly activates flight plan when arriving at direct-to destination not in the plan.
  • Fixed launch type of AGM-84A.
  • UH-1H UN Pilot campaign. Fixed CTD in final mission.
  • CA. BMP-3. Corrected main sight appearance after switch to secondary and tun back.

We hard working for memory leak solution.

@Aginor will test when poss :slight_smile:

Flipping heck
1.5 Gb hotfix Pffffft


New thread for the DCS World 2.5.x Change Log Announcements! Woo! :slight_smile:


How severe is the memory leak? Does it take extended time to become noticeable?

Don’t think i’ve noticed it at all, yet. Seems to be confined to MP, IIRC.

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I’ve only experienced it on multiplayer servers with lots going on, and on the new map.

I wonder if the old crash on exit in VR bug was reintroduced with this hotfix…?
I have had some crashes when using deferred shading and the old trick of deleting the sceneVR.lua (the VR hangar) seems to work.

I’m not using VR but I’m getting crashes if I run a mission through the editor more then once or twice after this update.

DCS 2.5.0 HOTFIX 2

  • FC3 aircraft. Eliminated green dot in the HUD.
  • NS430 - approach data errors: KVGT
  • The ‘comment’ value of User mark panel via scripting engine will be optional.
  • MP server list. First 3 columns will not be too narrow.
  • MP server list. The ability to sort the rows by clicking on the column title.
  • Corrected air-launch Harpoon performance.
  • AWACS. Corrected “at bulls/at bullseye XXX” messages.
  • MP. F10 map. Nickname of client will not be displayed after client’s icon disappearing.
  • Fixed crash on cargo intersects with objects.
  • MP. Fixed server crash with transport.dll.
  • HAI : Game freezes when Mi-28 trying to land - fixed.


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YeS!!! I love flying the F-15 and the green dot, while not a deal breaker, is quite annoying. I love that ED is listening to its customer base and popping out fixes quite frequently.


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DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 5

ED Forums Link: here

  • Restored buildings in the NTTR map.
  • The Integrity check system will not prevent loading mods from the user folder.
  • Fixed issue with manually deleted strings in the option.lua All deleted strings will be restored after saving option in the game.
  • Fixed issue that caused infantry don’t move.
  • M818. Added texture of glass.
  • F-5E. Broken velocity indicator will be able to repaired.
  • F-5E. Added some input commands to game mode.
  • F-5E. Incorrect firing rate presets for LAU-3 rocket launcher fixed.
  • F-5E. Second digit of laser code may has invalid values fixed.
  • F-5E. Main landing gear tyres are torn at 180 kts and GW 22K lbs fixed.
  • F-5E. Runway start and following respawn result in retracted nose strut fixed.


Updated March 21, 2018

Added 9 Training Missions for NTTR from BalticDragon
Corrected overall hydraulic logic and fix loss of control when engine going off and using emergency hydraulics
Corrected control surface hard-over when on ground for high AOA (tail wind on aircraft when sitting on deck)
Corrected fuel pump switch being able to move when engine start cover it
Corrected Gun ARM, else SAFE joystick abstraction not working when going back into SAFE
Corrected transfer light not coming on during refuel



Update March 21, 2018

Maneuver tone logic (placeholder sound for now)
FM Departure behavior modifications
FLAPS Bit functional
FLAPS AUT caution logic
Correction to throttle cutoff lever issues
Overhaul to canopy and canopy lever/lock behavior
EDP BIT logic functional
Eng 15 Sec logic functional
IGV takeoff check values
Duct pressure display