DCS World 2 Open Alpha weird problem (solved).

Today I wanted to reinstall the 2 Open Alpha to see what’s changed since the last time I tried it. It downloaded and installed the core files. Started up, I logged in, it automatically noticed that I have FC3 which was downloaded and installed promptly, but I came across this strange bug - I bought NTTR almost a year ago, but the game said I didn’t owned any terrains. When I went to Module Manager from main menu the Nevada was ready for purchase (it should say INSTALL if you own it but instead it said BUY). So I restarted the game, logged in again and there’s that BUY button still. So I opened the browser, logged in to DCS World website, checked my profile/my orders - yup, it shows that I indeed own the NTTR.

I started writing the support ticket when in the background the game was restarting and I accidentally hit enter, launching it without logging in. A window popped out informing me I would not be able to play multiplayer, the main menu showed up and Module Manager noticed that I have a terrain which can be installed …

Anyone had similar experience? The last time I installed it few month back, all went smooth.


I have not had that. I don’t like the new log in that acts as a firewall before the GUI. (The only reason I don’t like it is that I keep forgetting about it and stare stupidly with my VR until I remember that I have to log in :). Glad you got it sorted and that you posted the accidental solution here.


I always double check to make sure a key is registered to the account after buying, so far I haven’t had any problems loading in modules. Could it be something like that in your case?

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The key was registered to my account 100%. As I stated I confirmed that online on their webpage and I already installed the game successfully few months before without issues.

Or did you had something else in mind?

Well you said orders so I presumed just the window where it shows what you bought. You can still bind the key to your account, which is on a different page. Although that system might be gone now. Not too sure any more now that I think about it.

I think it still works - I just entered my serial into License Check from Profile page and it states that the key is Active and is bound to my account so that checks out.

Ah alright then, no clue for what might be causing your issues then.

Perhaps the folder “C:\Users\username\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha” which was still present from previous version install?