DCS World News, Q&A and Flight Video - 26 July, 2015

26 July, 2015

DCS World News and Q&A

DCS: L-39 Albatros Introduction

All future news, Q&A, and videos will be done only as Youtube videos. Based on past experience with live steam, we feel it best to just go directly to Youtube.


Thanks @wagmatt! Great to see progress and the L-39 looks beautiful!

Nice! Loving that rear cockpit and all that that implies!

And was that an F-5? or a MiG-28? :wink:

He’s says “What’s that F-5 doing there?” So I’m guessing its an Mig-28 :wink:

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I thought they were going to have the P-40 in the live stream this last weekend?

That is VEAO, they had their own live stream for their P-40:

Thanks Sith !!! I appreciate the link to the video, I enjoyed watching that. He lands like I do !

I just could have sworn that Wags had said something about flying a WWII plane
in the weekly live stream.

|Clear Skies !!!


…former MiG-31 pilot… …L39… …DCS1.5 (actually 2.0)… …F-5…
that was the most exciting stream @wagmatt thumbs up!

Were those clouds in the stream the new clouds or were those just the old ones with better lighting (by EDGE)?

Also: Did Wags mention somewhere whether the clouds will be synched between clients in MP and block line of sight for the AI? I haven’t had the time to read all the info during the last two weeks so I might have missed that.

Clouds were most likely still the old ones, not much info on the new clouds yet except they are coming.

Ok, thanks. I hope Wags will answer that question in one of the next Q&A vids.
If not we will see in 1.5 I guess, (if the new clouds will be in 1.5 that is.)