DCS: World Persian Gulf Presale

Wags also made a remark about wanting thrust reversers… Plural.


You heard it here first, folks.


Check that remark airman!



To think that people believe the maps are too small for a Pig…! :joy:

Nope missed that completely while reaching for my wallet

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I’d love to pre-order, but I need to see how some performance things play out for 2.5 and this map first… I may need to prioritize RAM and an SSD over new maps.

I don’t know what system you are currently using, but I have had zero crashing issues, single or multiplayer since the last few patches. I’m running 16gb ram, so if you don’t have at least 16gb, I’d say you need that first. I actually thought about grabbing 32gb, but I dont feel like dropping $350 for ram. I only have 2 slots on my mini-ITX board.

Thanks. I’m actually getting great FPS right now on reasonable settings. But load times are very long and I’m getting occasional 10-15 second pauses during missions with low object count. So it sounds like more RAM is probably needed (only running 8gb right now). Not sure if a SSD would make noticeable difference or not.

Here are my specs:

Sager NP8671 17.3" Notebook, i74720HQ (3.6GHz), GTX 970M (3.0GB), 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB 7200RPM HD, TrackIR 4, CH HOTAS and rudder pedals

Not sure if should just go for the RAM upgrade or wait for the memory loading/unloading fixes that are due soon and if that improves it.


The SSD should improve the load times drastically. Honestly I wouldn’t get more ram if I were you. Having more RAM would probably help, but IMO you’re just kicking the bottleneck can down the road so to speak. 8gbs should be fine for running low settings, and settings higher than that would probably require more VRAM than you have right now anyway.

Just my opinion, no expert here.

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might not be an expert, but you got it right here

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Yes, one of thoughts has been is it worth upgrading this laptop with more RAM or SSD, or just saving all that for a new system in the future. If I can scrape by with what I have, then I will…

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The bottleneck in a gaming PC is almost always the GPU and you cannot upgrade that in a laptop. That is the major reason I would never get one of those as a gaming machine.

That said, a big ol’ SSD will make that box fly and not only improve your gaming experience, but everything that box does from the point you press the on-button.

SSD is also relatively cheap and could probably be used in a future laptop.

Is 250gb enough for the OS, DCS, and BoS?

You would probably look at that in a different way if you spent a lot of time on the road. Back in 2012 I was spending at least 20 days a month on the road consistantly. A gaming laptop was a great thing for me at that point.

That makes sense I guess. Still a suboptimal solution in most circumstances. (ie any except being on the road a lot)

The only reason I was limited to laptops was that my only gaming space in our old house was our coffee table. So I had to store a laptop, saitek AV8R, and track IR under the table when not in use. I now have a desk and have upgraded to a HOTAS, but have not made an investment in a desktop yet.

I’ve gotten so used to having a laptop for general use, I’m not sure which way I’ll go next time I’m ready for a replacement.

the laptop will still do for general use. espdcially if you grace it with an SSD.

I get them pretty often on the”BuddySpike” server. Others on comms have noted the same. For me, it had always happened when I was watching an SA11 either launch at me or another player (probably just a coincidence). I agree that 2.5 is pretty stable. But it crashes for more than a few. I’ve got a pretty decent rig with no shortage of memeory.

I have 2 SSDs (a 512 and a 1TB) in my system alongside my old 640GB HD which I use almost exclusively for music/picture/video/etc storage. All games and the OS are SSD-only and what a difference it makes.

When playing games MP, I see my load bar fill up…and then I wait another minute or so for the other players’ bars to fill as their standard HDs take forever

Also, any game that streams data off the HD, like Arma 3, as you play sees a big boost as you don’t get that “hitching” from the drive access.

While I have 2.5 up and running, I’m sorry to say I’ve not had the free time yet to really try it out. :frowning:
It’s on my plan though!

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I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop; I’d had an Alienware Alpha before that with a Core i7 in it (albeit the mobile variety) that ran 1.5 very well and could boot it up reasonably fast.

My new rig takes forever to load up 2.5 (I have the Steam version) and I’ve had to reduce a lot of the graphics goodness to get tolerable framerates. Honestly, I expected it. My new rig is kind of a mid-range gaming tower, even with the Ryzen 7.

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What kind of video card is it running? CPU is only part of the equation, and RAM and HD all play their part as well.