DCS World registry entries

A while ago I moved DCS World to a new location. I figured everything was working alright though it appears the main install does not exist in a windows registry entry. Any suggestions how to get this added? I tried installed DCS over DCS but it simply says it is already installed. I tried Skatezilla’s application and a bunch of terminal commands but alas, nothing works so far.

I need the registry entry to make DCS-BIOS happy, can’t get it to work as is so far.

Install it to a different drive. Or move the installation u want to keep and reinstall dcs where it should be and once its done drag your old installation back. I used to have 4 or 5 versions installed without any problems


I’ll try to pull the ones for HPN if that helps, just need a bit to get to the PC.

That’s what worked, renamed the old folder, installed DCS, moved over files. Cheers!


Diggin this thread up as I’ve had the need to determine the value of certain cockpit items using DCS-Bios.

I’d moved my install (easy enough) from F: to D:. Under the following registry key was a value that needed to be updated from F: to D:


Got there via the “Find” with the string “Eagle” fwiw.

Then a re-boot.
I also had DCS-Bios set to ‘auto-run’ if that matters.
Now DCS-Bios works.

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Thanks for sharing thode detailed steps. Posts like this will rescue desperate simmers who almost gave up.

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