DCS World registry entries

A while ago I moved DCS World to a new location. I figured everything was working alright though it appears the main install does not exist in a windows registry entry. Any suggestions how to get this added? I tried installed DCS over DCS but it simply says it is already installed. I tried Skatezilla’s application and a bunch of terminal commands but alas, nothing works so far.

I need the registry entry to make DCS-BIOS happy, can’t get it to work as is so far.

Install it to a different drive. Or move the installation u want to keep and reinstall dcs where it should be and once its done drag your old installation back. I used to have 4 or 5 versions installed without any problems


I’ll try to pull the ones for HPN if that helps, just need a bit to get to the PC.

That’s what worked, renamed the old folder, installed DCS, moved over files. Cheers!