DDR4 at 4000Mhz: Does it make a difference?

Long article with numbers and words


Intersting, thanks!
But honestly, for me personally the few frames more than the 3GHz version would not be worth more than double the price. Just like with graphics cards (GTX770 vs. GTX780 when they were released).
EDIT: Also it is kinda strange that they only tested with 8GB and not with more, I wonder if that makes a difference, I guess it does (making the differences smaller most likely).

This bothered me as well. I have 32Gb RAM cranked up to 1600Mhz and the comp tends to act up at times just doing menial task, something it didn’t do until I cranked it up from 1333Mhz. But it is interesting seeing at least that there are some boost to performance when upping the speed, even if it seems minimal.

the latency at 4GHz pretry much makes the clock increase worthless.

You need better clock increase, yo!