Dear Diary, week 9 of Covis self confinment

Live in UK, NE Scotland, am in that risk group, been told to say indoors for 12 weeks, have done so.

What a crazy situation, was dimly aware of this new airborne respiratory disease as early as January perhaps, but as a Joe Smhuck, we have had similar stuff before, we were not given enough early info to start with IMHO to really deal with the gravity of the situation though, not blaming people in power, but perhaps someone needs to take responsibility once we deal with it … its a sad global situation, where blame game should not be played, but perhaps work together to find as cure for this terrible affliction.

Been lucky I suppose, get a food parcel of basics each week, thanks to Scot Gov and seeing me being on a priority list or something, am able to book a concurring 1 week slot from local ASDA or TESCO superstore, am so over the moon grateful for this. because I’m single, very independent and pretty much need this support with my disability, I guess :slight_smile:

Lots of friends, of course, but you don’t want to lean on them in times like this, they are struggling too.

They do help too of course, one pal dropped off a very nice home made lamb curry other day … and it was enjoyed and devoured :slight_smile:

Had so much arranged for live Music shows this year, all getting cancelled or postponed, one by one, it was a long cold winter, but had my concerts to look fwd to.

Apart from that, in fairly good spirits, sorry if I’ve been a bit ratty with folk on here recently, used to suffer from depression and now this, LOL.

This is a good site and don’t really have a bad word to say about anyone here,


Thank you for your post. It made me feel I’m not alone in this. I’m in my mid 50s. So I’m a bit terrified a bit “Let it be”. I work for Uncle Sam in Qatar and I’m fortunate or unfortunate enough to have to go to work all week. Work is super slow now. Most days I cant wait to leave and get some virtual flying or racing done. I could not imagine if I was off all day every day.
However, we are human beings. We are amazing, creative and resilient. Your situation makes me feel youre lucky. I’m sure you may think I’m the lucky one. In the end, we have our health and that’s the important thing.
I want to say that I disagree with you on one point. Lean on your friends. Lean on them good. I dont have a lot of friends but the ones I call friends are the ones I can depend on. Make them feel needed and get them busy. The true friends will appreciate it. They know you’re alone and would love to help u out. One day, sooner than later I hope this will all be over. How we behave now will bring us closer to our loved ones. Hang in there. Do the things you love. Now is the time to do the things we never made time for. I wish you the Best.


We are here to talk, we are here to listen. Help will always be available if you need to talk to us. We are all friends on this forum.

Everyone is stressed out at the moment, worldwide. You are not on your own @B12. Ping us a message and you will always have people to listen to you.

One thing…I was in Scotland (Slochd mountain specifically) yesterday. Just look outside if you want cheering up. It bloody beautiful!! Much prettier than boring old blighty! :+1:


Thanks all, yeah its a crazy situation, had so much … especially live music show stuff planned for this year, more and above this flight sim stuff, its live music that drives me, had so many shows lined up, now cancelled or postponed, sort of arrange this for mates too. hotel bookings too and thats hard work, because they dont want to refund unless you jump through hoops :slight_smile:

Still waiting to hear from Faith No More for Glasgow soon, no way is it going to happen, Rammstein cancelled recently for big summer show in Wales were due to see, Joe Satriani and Jeff beck shows, they say have been postponed, so no ticket refund, had great seats for both those shows, will we get same next year? … Oh I dunno :slight_smile:

Later in year have Deep Purple/Blue Oyster Cult, a Uriah Heep Show, and usual Australian Pink Floyd tribute show at Glasgow too, as a sort of end of year chill out show, sincerely hope the later in year shows happen, damn this virus, this time last year, who would have guessed this would happen? 2020 is a year ruined.

AM OK for a bob or two though, not rich, been buying Scale Models still, also upgrading my Sim desk and chair … more on that soon thanks to MonsterTech in Germany.

I’m just having a good old whine to myself :slight_smile:


And I did something I never done in my life. I played DCS ONLINE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I had to. I was getting too distant from people and needed that contact of playing w people. So I put aside .my fears and played online. Had a blast too.
Hang in there B12! We are all in this together.


You should join the group of us that regularly fly on hollo pointe @Maico those guys make everyone feel extremely welcome.


Been looking for that server. I will try. Thank you.

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