Delta IV Heavy

Hmmm…one wonders what the Naval Reconnaissance Office just slung up there huh? Any-who…looks very Kerbal-ish indeed… I have to admit though, I’m more partial to the hipster guys and gals with tattoos and nose piercings celebrating the launches of SpaceX. :smile: Definitely a different vibe with this group…


That 3-wide configuration does look odd. Despite all that thrust it’s still only about 1/6th of the power of the grand ol’ Saturn V.


Just goes to show, if you really want something done right, call the Nazis.


Impressive rocket. 14+ tons to GTO or 28+ tons to LEO is a lot.
Not much known about the payload, but you can narrow it down a bit. Most likely it is a signal intelligence satellite since it went to GTO it seems. The optical ones are in LEO.

In case you are interested:

EDIT: @near_blind LOL

NSFW btw :grin:

Ever heard of Tom Letter?

Elon Musk is probably sitting in his mansion watching the Delta launch…saying…“hey…when is the return to the landing barge part?”



Mansion? I will be severely disappointed if he doesn’t at least live in a hollowed out Volcano Island lair…