Derby's Nevada Fly-In, Dec 5th 12:00-23:00UTC

Hello Mudspike,

I’m planning to do a little Nevada Fly-In this Saturday, December 5th. I will host a Free-Flight Map that includes some targets out on the Range to shoot at.
I will be available on the Mudspike TS as well as on Steam Steam Community :: Derbysieger

Server Rules:

- Respect each other.
- No taxiway take offs.
- No intentional team killing.
- PvP is only allowed if all involved parties agree to it.
- If you do PvP make sure you stay out of the way of other players.
- No live weapons at airbases.
- But most importantly it is mandatory to have fun!



This one has me a bit concerned…no live weapons or armed weapons? :wink:

Well I had someone dropping bombs on runways a couple of days ago…

Server is going up shortly. Standby.

Edit: It’s up