Derz-er-eye-wiki NY for X-Plane on sale today

This looks great…and I was waiting on a sale… $18.00 today…

EDIT - Weighing whether I can handle the FPS drop at NY though…seems that it is pretty tough on frames


And I guess you could chain it together with his NY Airports also on sale $15.00… But I’m a bit on the fence with the airports. They look kinda barren…like the Aerosoft Anchorage. If I knew how to populate the gates it would be one thing…(lightly populate gates…to keep FPS good…)

You can skip the ortho scenery part. But this is a good tutorial on the WED. Its easy once you understand it.

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Thanks @weaponz248 - I sure do wish the scenery devs would add static and dynamic traffic to their packages. I think ORBX does that for their little airports…

Regarding FPS…this guy is getting 20FPS (he says) and it looks pretty good… I’m on the fence though because I’ll mostly be using it for complex aircraft (Boeings / Airbus) and helos… So once you add in a fairly complex 3D cockpit…I dunno if I’ll have the horsepower.

And this guy is getting 30 FPS in a complex helo (AS350?)…but his anti-alias settings look pretty rough… Oh…decisions, decisions…

Ah nutz…who am I kidding. I’m gonna buy it… LOL

Yeah if a guy like me can figure it out and it only takes 5 mins. Then a company should be able to add it in without to much problem. I think one of the issues is FPS. Some systems wouldnt be able to take the FPS hit with static aircraft. Would be nice to have 2 installs. One with aircraft and one without.

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Ouch. Loaded up the dual package of his NYC and NYC Airports - and preliminary results on my rig are not good. Less than 10 FPS when sitting on the helipads around NYC. Haven’t done much messing with my settings to see if I can get an agreeable result…but this package is pretty brutal on hardware.

Will update once I’ve tweaked it up some…