Destiny 2


I didn’t end up getting time. maybe download today. Sorry guys.


No worries, do ping here when you get it, as I think it’ll be fun in a 3 - @Tankerwade and I did a bit of campaign stuff, but it seems great for drop-in / drop-out casual play. The difference in levels doesn’t really seem to be that big a deal and the collectables and loot are really good. Sort of borderlands-like, in that a new power / new gun as a mission reward keeps things interesting. Very MMO like as well.



download is going.


Thanks for the heads up regarding the offer. I downloaded earlier :scream: 80gig! I played about an hour or so and it’s just like halo! It’s very very very much like halo. Almost like halo and borderlands had an affair! I absolutely love it so far. Admittedly I feel by not playing the first one I am missing out on the back story slightly but as a shooter it’s first class.

So thanks again!


I’ll add my battletag numeric tommorow but there can’t be many Victork2 on there if anyone fancy searching me out. I’d be up for questing together :+1:


My tag is Komemiute#2363
Just in case.


@Rhinosaurus and @saghen as I think you’re getting to the co-op campaign stuff.

@Tankerwade and I made it up to the Story mode ‘Adventure’ choice of ‘Calling Them Home’ and ‘Poor Reception’. About the fourth mission or so.

Happy to do the initial ones again, but won’t be around till later tonight. I’m about level 6 or so with ‘green’ stuff, which I got from doing ‘public events’ in the main ‘trostland’ starter area.

It’s pretty fun.


I just finished spark, so starting to do stuff now.


Almost there…

little more…



So I did two missions after spark, hit level 4.5ish I think. Got a green helm and a green heavy weapon.

Game is pretty fun. I’ve died twice… Haha. Fell in a burning fire because I wasn’t paying attention. And I started a public event because I didn’t know what the flag there was and it started just as I was finishing my quest. Oops.


Victork2#2846 I’ve added @fearlessfrog @Tankerwade @komemiute @Rhinosaurus

Hope you don’t mind feel free to ignore the request I won’t be offended :+1:


I’m on now.

edit: looks like you got the wrong rhinosaurus @Victork2 so I’ve added you.


Sorry, called away. I’m back now. @saghen @fearlessfrog @tankerwade


I’ll be on in 5 mins. Kettle on etc.


Very much enjoying this. Especially for the $0 it cost me.


Whoops! Thanks man. I had to go out so I logged off but I’ll defo be on all day today and tonight. Children and wife dependent obviously lol


Clan is created. Guardians of Mudspike (short name: MUD). Approval required so we don’t get randos. I’ve sent invites to saghen and fearless. Victor and Tanker not showing yet, probably because you aren’t on my friends list.


I will log in tonight to friend up. Was at Pats game yesterday.


I’m dying more to my terrible platforming skills than I am to shooting :wink:


I’ll be on in 3 or four hrs when I get back from work and put the boy to bed. Will friend up and join the clan then