Destiny 2


Not sure what’s happening as @Rhinosaurus is definitely not added on my list although @komemiute is but no one else. Maybe it takes a while to send the invite or something like that.


There may be an ‘Americas’ ‘Europe’ thing, in that we are in different regions and they don’t allow cross-friends like that.


shouldn’t. I’m on ts right now if you want to try and sort it


What is the Co-op cap? 4?


There are ‘strikes’ that are max 3 people for story etc.

There are also ‘raids’ that are for 6+ people, but never done one.


From what I understand you have to be very high level to Raid


Yep. I just peaked Rhino’s profile - he has all BLUE stuff now plus some fancy spells. I gotta catch up… :wink:

Also, I suspect the free / non-Forsaken-DLC might have a level cap of 20 or something. Wouldn’t be shocked.


Yep, region lock -

Can flip between them but can’t see both at once.


level cap is 20 for base game apparently. Seems low, but what do I know.


I’ve got an hour for anyone who wants to play


How do I switch region


battle net launcher. Right above play.


Ah I see I’m in game so I’ll log out now


pop on teamspeak


Hoping to be on around 930-10 est tonight. Happy to go back and do content I’ve already done. Super fun.


playing rocket league but can pop over


ok playing destiny now


playing! @fearlessfrog @saghen @Tankerwade @Victork2


Man, I 'd like to jump onboard, but still downloading :grinning:


Anybody tonight? I will be probably in like 30 mins