Destiny 2


Working tonight sorry dude


you guys suck for not playing this! Game is an insane amount of fun imo. Been having a blast.


I do… Just nobody ever there when I play. :cry:


Will play this weekend Rhino. My apologies to everyone. I got that chest cold been going around and then a night of drinking made it worse. On he mend now though, and will get back to all kinds of games this weekend.


I got distracted by new toys. New toys! I shall attempt to get back on the Destiny wagon soon, as agreed, it was great fun.


I’m level 50 and power level 500 already…


Looks like its you and me Fearless since Rhino has already put down Darth Bane and has all the toys


Did you buy anything? I thought the free cap was like 20? It might make it a bit unbalanced as well in a three lol :slight_smile:


Ya I got forsaken since it was -25% off.

I’ve really enjoyed my time with it so far and connected with my old cod4 clan. It’s a total blast. The Fireteam limit of 3 sucks though.


Isn’t -25% off actually +25%?




I’m still on as well! I tried swapping to the US server but the lag was insane! People glitching around all over the place.
I’ve seen @komemiute on a couple of time but not had chance to meet up yet. I think I’m level 8 and it’s really really good fun. I might even be tempted with the dlc.
I’ve changed to my winter job now working nights so game time always takes a hit this time of year. I haven’t played dcs for at least 2 weeks. But destiny is awesome for a quick mission when I find half hour.