Dirt Rally 2.0 Entitelement question

Hi ,

Dirt Rally 2.0 newbie here. Playing it on a PC

I was going to play A weekly challenge and in the requirements they asked for Subaru Impreza 2001 which i then ordered and paid on Windows store.
When i return to the game i still could not play it. The same message asking for the entitlement kept showing. I restarted the game multiple times, waited one day, still same.

Now a week on the Weekly Challenge is asking for something else.

Q1 : why wasn’t i able to play despite buying the required entitlement ?
Q2. : Who can i go to for support ? I approached EA and they just said if the content is not unlocked then ask Microsoft for a refund

Q3 : did anyone here have similar problems , how did you resolve it ?


I’m sorry to hear that, seems like you’ll have to fight this one out with EA and Microsoft support. I would do as EA suggested and ask for a refund from Microsoft, but also ask EA how they recommend you purchase those cars instead.

Good luck!

Welcome to Mudspike kenS.

FWIW, I’ve not had any trouble with the Steam version, which is where I imagine most racers purchase DR2. In fact, I hadn’t until you mentioned it, considered the Windows store a place to buy simulation games. I thought it more a source for Windows component games, like solitaire. I think of Xbox for a Microsoft gaming distribution platform. Anyway, Steam has been pretty convenient and reliable over the years. Good luck with a resolution.

Edit: it seems that publishers and leagues can be specific as to which distro is used for online play. Maybe that’s the issue. But like Freak mentioned, it does seem a Microsoft issue.