Discord and DCS multiplayer

As a keen rotary convert I have joined rotorheads server. I have been told to post a code number in chat when I join the server.

I cannot find chat. Is it chat on discord or on the server and where is it please?

Left shift + tab to open chat in dcs

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You started something when you gifted me the Huey module. My eternal thanks.
Fancy flying to Marshland? 6ft below sea level.

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In the fens?

Im away till next sunday (monday by time we are home) but ill give you a bell and catch up. Glad you are enjoying the choppers still. Im still getting to grips with the Hind.
Trying to put at least an hour a week into it.
Back to working 2 jobs at the moment though so time is fleeting

On the banks of the ‘Great Ouse’

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